22.05.04 - I’ve added all sigs from all members now. You can find it in the member section. HF    (Necrodilez)

21.05.04 - I’ve made a new AD Sig. AOR should be a revolution, for the game and for AD. HERE you can see a PREVIEW Version.   (Necrodilez)

21.05.04 - I’ve added the fist 7 AD Screenshots. Have fun     (Necrodilez)

21.05.04 - AD is reorganized now and all old members have to ask the AD leader Battleboy if they want to rejoin AD. Currently AD leadership is: Battleboy (Leader), Tr1pl3x aka Jens (Co-Leader), _Weed_ aka Necrodilez (Webmaster), [-Blubb-] (Forumadmin)

All the other new members who joined the last days, please write in the forum that the AD Crew can add you and the member section. (Necrodilez)

21.05.04 - New AD page is online but its still a BETA page. Ill update it in the next days.     (Necrodilez)